Biol Chem. 1998 Apr-May;379(4-5):621-3.

Escherichia coli bacteriophage T1 DNA methyltransferase appears to interact with Escherichia coli enolase.

by Christoph Gassner

Gassner C, Schneider-Scherzer E, Lottspeich F, Schweiger M, Auer B.


Infection of Escherichia coli cells with bacteriophage T1 induces synthesis of a bacteriophage-specific DNA methyltransferase (M.EcoT1, EC No: with a specificity for adenine residues in the sequence 5’-GATC-3’. Purification of M.EcoT1 allowed the determination of the coding sequence of the gene (Schneider-Scherzer et al., 1990). The peptide of the entire coding sequence was over-expressed as a histidine-hexapeptide tagged protein in E. coli. Affinity purification using a Ni2+ chelating (Ni-NTA) resin yielded a recombinant enzyme with almost the same enzymatic properties as the protein purified from T1 infected E. coli cells. Interestingly, in both purification procedures, a protein with a molecular weight of 50000 was found to copurify with M.EcoT1. The N-terminal amino acid sequence identified these proteins in both cases as E. coli enolase (EC No:

PMID: 9628368

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