Yearly Fasting Cure in Volkertshausen

Good food still is one of the major highlights of my life. Consequently, surplus calories are usually deposited, which adds up to the weight of a light rucksack in the course of a year. Hence, loosing pounds is probably the major motivation to join into a yearly 2 week fasting cure during spring time. A diversity of other reasons turn this food-less period to a truly relaxing experience.

Most time, people are asking: “Not eating anything for 2 weeks”, and I am answering, “Yes, nothing, for 2 weeks!” The menue is tea with a little bit of honey for breakfast, a vegetable juice plus a light soup without vegetables for lunch and a fruit juice for dinner – that´s it! More teas and water help your body to get cleaned thoroughly.

But then, there are the really enjoyable things as well. Since I already know, that especially the first 3 days of the yearly fasting cure are somehow exhausting, in that time, no vacation program is planned. His means true recreation with ample times for sleep, reading books, and easy walks through a marvellous spring-time landscape.

Later, energy is flushing back into your body, and your fat burning pathways are fully working which allows even intense jogging, visiting nearby towns like Konstanz, Schaffhausen, or Zurich and last but not least enjoying yourself in a couple of excellent saunas in this area. All in all, VERY recommendable.

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