Boletus edulis

by Christoph Gassner

This was probably a pretty wet summer in Austria – at least in the Alpine region. However, it seems that mushrooms don´t complain at all, but feel very well with this humid circumstances. So beside an excellent summer for the Austrian glaciers, collectors of mushrooms also enjoyed this weather.

When it comes to the ancient appetite for collecting and hunting, Nikolaus is always a reliable partner. Saturday 27th of August, we set out to the woods and each of us collected some 4 kg of Boletus edulis (“Steinpilz”) – the maximum we ever found on one single day. We identified a mushroom-rich area some 10 km south of Innsbruck. Additionally, it is quite easy to look for Boletus edulis, since they usually associate with Amanita muscaria (“Fliegenpilz”), which can easily be spotted, even in tight woods.

As a matter of course, we HAD to buy a professional dryer shortly thereafter: Stoeckli was the automat of choice. Isn´t this ridiculous ?

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