Health and Vacation

by Christoph Gassner

Spring – this time late spring – is the ideal time to clear your body and contemplate. Feasting was again a beautiful experience to enjoy at the “Samariter-Werk” in “Volkertshausen” close to “Singen am Hohentwiel”.

And again, there were some very nice people like Jane – my old friend from “Hall”, who joined me for one week, but also Klaus, Heike and Bettina. After years, it seems that there collects a bunch of people well worth to appoint for further feasting experiences.

With respect to the area, the parts south of Volkertshausen towards the Swiss border were of special interest this year. I was mostly impressed by the Bodensee-Peninsula “Höri” where Hermann Hesse used to live in “Gaienhofen” in between 1904 to 1912. Europe in its landscape and its culture at its best!

↗ hermann-hesse-hoeri-museum