TILAK seminar on leadership and management, November 2007

by Christoph Gassner

TILAK is the short form for “Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten GmbH” and is run by the federal state of Tyrol. As employer it takes on responsibility for its employees when it comes to human resource development. Currently, 4 modules of continuing education programs are offered to the academical personnal of the different institutes and clinics, of which the “Seminar on Leadership and Management” is the most advanced.

Therefore, a group of about 15 physicians, psychologists and natural scientists met for two weeks about 20 kilometers aside the daily routine in the remote alpine TILAK-subsidiary of Hochzirl to be offered advanced training of skills in leadership and management. Ingredients for the cocktail were flip-charts, lots of coffee, every-day joys and despairs, emotions, analysis, suggestions and games.

External expert trainers were Bianca Ender and Andreas Peteranderl, supported by internal specialists for cost-ac- counting, quality management, and human resource development. This seminar was fabulous !! Self reflection, communi- cation and strategy were presented and understood in the context of everyday clinical life seen from the viewing point of leadership. Special thanks are therefore due to the political promoters and organizers of these beneficial seminars, especially Prof. Johann Hackl, Gerit Meyer and Prof. Wolfgang Buchberger.

Joyfully I am looking forward to meet all these people again ! Hopefully ongoing education will be projected in future “modul 5”.

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