broken wings

by Christoph Gassner

Deeply in thoughts about my scheduled flight to Far-East for presentations and a conference in China and a short vacation in Vietnam, I felt from my bicycle and broke my clavicle shortly before takeoff. My first ever surgery took place on 5 th of June.

Now, 5 weeks later the removal of my suspensory bandage approaches and my left shoulder starts to move again. Hope- fully, there will still be some summer-weather and bathing temperatures left when it will swim again.

Lucky me, living in social Europe and the third millennium. Imagine (!) being a farmer with a broken clavicle in the 19 th century working for his landlord! Anyway, my special thanks are addressed to Professor Franz Kralinger from the department for trauma surgery and sports medicine of the medical university of Innsbruck and my medical insurance “Tiroler Gebietskrankenkasse”.

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