"Der Fischer vom Bodensee"

by Christoph Gassner

Close to my birth-place in Lustenau in Austria, the alpine Rhine passes by to flow into the south-eastern part of the “The Lake of Constance” (German: “Bodensee”) shortly thereafter. The air-line distance to the “Lower Lake of Constance” is only some 50 km west. Very early in the morning and close to Radolfzell in Germany you may meet Karlheiz Boelli for a classical net-fishing trip on this part of the Lake.

So Stefanie and me climbed aboard on this beautifull summer morning and shared a short boat-ride to Karlheinzs´ fishing grounds. Pulling the nets out of the water is heavy work. At least on this morning, fishing seemed to be more collection, than hunting. “Bodenseefelchen” (Coregonus wartmann) are a local species and a regional speciality. Lucky us!

Best of all, Karlheinz is also chef of “Buergerstube” in Radolfzell. You may call there for an extra portion of really fresh fish for lunch (Buergerstube, Mooser Str. 19, 78315 Radolfzell, call +49-(0)7732-4148). Delicious!

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